CUVILib adds acceleration to Imaging applications from Medical, Industrial and Defense domains. It delivers magnitudes better performance than competing solutions. Take a look at the CUVI Features to see the list of GPU accelerated functions which CUVI provides.

Powerful yet easy-to-use

Exceptional performance: CUVI performs magnitudes faster than Intel® IPP™.
It's (very) simple: Intuitive interface. No GPU-programming experience needed.
Cross-platform support: Windows, Mac OS and Linux.*
Cross-GPU support: Both NVIDIA (CUDA) and AMD (OpenCL) GPUs supported.*

* Free downloads include Windows OS support for only NVIDIA GPUs. The image/video size limit of free version is 480x320 pixels.

You'll be asked to signup for CUVI updates after which you will receive download link for Windows OS. For information on the functionality available with this download, refer to the Wiki page.


Video Stabilization

CUVI removes unwanted jitter from the videos and make them smooth

Color Enhancement

Color operations to cater for all your image coloring needs.

Face Recognizer

Match: Will Smith
Race: Black
Moustache: True
Expressions: Normal

Underwater Video Enhancer

Real-time Improvement of Underwater Imagery


A complete range of image enhancement functionality

Film Restoration

Accelerated Old Film Restoration and Recoloring

Special Filters

Tons of Image Filters and Special Effects

Motion Detection

Dense Motion Estimation and Intrusion Detection

Object Classifier

Seashore: 37%
Palm Tree: 19%
Sand: 14%

Smart Resizing

Context Aware Cropping and Resizing


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