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CUVILib adds acceleration to Imaging applications from Medical, Industrial and Defense domains. It delivers magnitudes better performance than competing solutions. Take a look at the CUVI Features to see the list of GPU accelerated functions which CUVI provides.

Powerful yet easy-to-use

Exceptional performance: CUVI performs magnitudes faster than Intel® IPP™.
It's (very) simple: Intuitive interface. No GPU-programming experience needed.
Cross-platform support: Windows, Mac OS and Linux.*

Free downloads include Windows OS support for only NVIDIA GPUs. The image/video size limit of free version is 1000x1000 pixels.

You'll be asked to signup for CUVI updates after which you will receive download link for Windows OS. For information on the functionality available with this download, refer to the Wiki page.


Debayer comparison: NPP vs CUVI

Comparison performed using CUDA toolkit version 9.1 and CUVI release 1.55 on an underlying core i3-6100, GTX 1080 system and benched with NVIDIA Nsight. CUVI an...

Testing Underwater Video Enhancer on Real Videos

Earlier we demonstrated CUVI’s new underwater filter that works like a magic in clarifying and restoring the colors of underwater imagery. Today, I’...

CUVI’s Underwater Filter in Action

This page is a showcase of our new underwater filter that removes haze and brings out the real colors to your underwater photography. All the results are genera...

Low Light Image and Video Enhancement comes to CUVI

We, humans have poor visibility in darkness and have always fantasized to have technology that enables us to see better in low light. When it comes to natural ...

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